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About Us

{ABOUT THE COMPANY} Shifting Status Kuo _ screen print in studioWhat we create.

Shifting Status Kuo features light-hearted paper goods & gifts designed by Tiffany Kuo. The growing collection continues to be inspired by everyday objects, playful humor, and folktales. All screen printed items began as original hand-drawn illustrations that are then exposed onto a silk screen. Each layer of ink is then pushed through the mesh (often by hand with a squeegee) to leave a rich coat of color. Shifting Status Kuo proudly showcases the classic art of screen printing while providing charming designs for you and your loved ones!

Shifting Status Kuo was launched in windy Chicago in 2011 and is now based in sunny California.

Why the name?

Tiffany often used the Latin phrase "status quo" to help others pronounce her last name. She also loved the play on words (a common theme in her designs), and thus it became the inspiration for her company's name. But why all the "shifting" you ask? Well, Tiffany is always striving to make each creation unique & meaningful... she is always looking to improve her art and "shift" her personal status quo. 

{ABOUT TIFFANY KUO}Shifting Status Kuo - portrait in screen print studioHello, nice to meet you!

Ever since I was little, I've always loved drawing, crafting and making cards for family & friends. However, it was during my college years at School of the Art Institute of Chicago that I fell in love with printmaking... especially screen printing. So, instead of pursing a gallery artist career to share my artwork, I decided to combine my two passions of screen printing & greeting cards and started Shifting Status Kuo. I continue to be inspired by silly puns, everyday objects around me, and how different materials can enhance the message of a design. 
Follow along for updates, behind the scenes, and exclusive specials!

Instagram: @ShiftingStatusKuo #ShiftingStatusKuo

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