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DIY Valentine's Gift - "So LUCKY to have found YOU" memo board

Posted by Tiffany Kuo on

Make this last minute DIY Valentine's Gift.. but he'll never know it was last minute

Alright ladies, I know you've all got some nail polish & spare change laying about the house. Put them to good use for this "lucky penny" inspired Valentine's DIY gift! Make this "So LUCKY to have found YOU" memo board in under 20 minutes! 

You can even print my design* to pin onto your completed bulletin board. 

(*Free for your personal use only • copyright Tiffany Kuo)

Shifting Status Kuo - So Lucky To Have Found You - print out


• I LOVE using Peace Glue for craft projects because they don't dry out or smell terrible (compared to crazy glue & E600)! It's also really strong and you won't burn your fingers (so long hot glue gun burns!)
• Pin some meaningful notes, quotes, photos, & ticket stubs onto the board
• Score some bonus points by choosing pennies minted in the years special to you two (ie. 2007 penny: year of first date, 2009 penny: first trip to Europe together)
• Paint the pennies with lighter nail polish first, then accent with red or black polish
• Clip board can be hung on the wall for display & easy everyday use

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