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Wedding Proposal during screen printing workshop! 2/28/2016

Posted by Tiffany Kuo on

Shifting Status Kuo wedding proposal screen print

"When it happens... it happens" was Kevin's response whenever Jessica asked about a proposal. I'm honored that Kevin trusted me to play a part to propose to Jessica, so without further ado... let me tell you how it happened!  

KevinJessica proposal at Shifting Status Kuo

The Couple: 

Let me start by how I met the leading lady, Jessica. Back in 2013 I was planning a Tea for Two themed birthday party and ordered her ridiculously cute custom shaped tea bags as party favors. After reordering more Daily Essentials tea bags to give as gifts, Jessica and I finally met up for coffee. That's when I got to meet the leading man, Kevin.

They have both taken the screen printing workshop I taught at Sourced. and have a knack for making things. Kevin had the brilliant idea for them to take a group class with friends as a decoy for the surprise proposal. 

Surprise proposal during Shifting Status Kuo workshop

The Concept: 

Kevin really wanted an atmosphere that reflected their interests while allowing friends and family to participate. We discussed hosting a screen printing workshop for 6-8 of their closest friends under the guise that their friend, Nina, wanted to take the class. 

When I screenprint my cards, there's a sense of delight when the 2nd layer of ink finally gets layered on top of the 1st layer to reveal the overall design. I suggested printing a 2 color design during class so I can "volunteer" Jessica to print the 2nd layer to reveal Kevin's special phrase, "when it happens... it happens". (and that would be Kevin's cue to drop on his knees and ask THE question!)  

[Bonus] the sentimental part of me thought the "when it happens it happens" print would be such a meaningful keepsake for the couple.

The Design:

With screenprinting, each color requires a separate screen to push ink through the stencil to create a print. The most crucial part of the design was that "when it happens it happens" cannot be too obvious when viewed as 2 separate ink layers.... or the surprise would be ruined! 

I began drawing flowers to represent romance and new beginnings. The phrase is encircled by a wreath topped with a large blossom to mimic the shape of an engagement ring. 

1st layer silver ink represents Kevin + 2nd layer of lilac ink represents Jessica (one of her favorite colors) = The two colors combine to create the complete image and symbolizes how Kevin & Jessica will create a new life together. (Yes, I know I can be quite sappy but I should be allowed to because this is a wedding proposal!!!) 

1st layer and 2nd layer of screenprint

The Workshop:

In order not to cause Jessica's suspicion, I taught the workshop as I normally would have. We hand mixed the lilac ink, prepared the screen and practiced pulling prints. Since this was held in my studio space, we even got to expose and wash out a screen as a class! I normally don't get to demonstrate this step when teaching offsite. All 8 students asked great questions and printed so well!

Teaching screen printing workshop at Shifting Status Kuo

The Proposal:

Let me tell you, I was so nervous as we approached printing the 2nd layer! As planned, I "volunteered" Jessica & Kevin to help me print the lilac layer. Once they lifted the screen to reveal "when it happens it happens", he told Jessica that "it's happening right now" and dropped to his knee to pop the question! At this time, about 20 of their close friends and family came out from their secret hiding spot to witness the heartfelt proposal. 

(aww...I won't judge you if you're getting a little teary eyed while reading this, I certainly had to hide my teary eyes that day!)

Kevin and Jessica just engaged!

The Celebration:

Kevin revealed a wall filled with of their pictures and it became the backdrop while their friends crowded around the engaged couple for photos. I love how he included a sign saying "That just happened!". 

Now that Jessica has a gorgeous ring on her hand, I invited the happy couple to screenprint "We're engaged" onto a wooden sign. It was a great way to show off her bling while creating something together. =]

just engaged! screen print wood sign

 Shifting Status Kuo + Daily Essentials DE


Do you have a creative proposal idea to share? I LOVE hearing proposal stories and please get in touch if I can help complete your perfect proposal idea. =]





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